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DONG CONG CAO Cordyceps - Capsule
300 mg x 60 capsules

The 8 functions of Cordyceps
1. Regulate heart function .
2. Regulates respiratory system function.
3. Enhances liver function.
4. Enhances kidney function.
5. Increases the immune system function.
6. Hematopoietic function.
7. Enhances human body energy.
8. Anti-tumor function.

8 fungsi Cordyceps
1. Mengawal fungsi jantung.
2. Mengawal fungsi sistem pernafasan.
3. Meningkatkan fungsi hati
4. Meningkatkan fungsi buah pinggang.
5. Meningkatkan fungsi sistem imun.
6. Fungsi hematopoietik.
7. Meningkatkan tenaga badan.
8. Anti-tumor.

Main ingredients/ Ramuan utama:
Cordyceps sinensis.

Direction to use/ Arahan penggunaan:
Take 1 capsule each time, 3 times daily after meal.

Ambil 1 kapsul setiap kali, 3 kali sehari selepas makan..

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